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Quite a complicated thing - Not because it needed to be. Starting from some dubious, hand driven slit scan modification to my Mamiya C33 on B/W 120 format film, where I scanned my wife turning round on a swiveling chair, I some years later scanned it - left it sit - colourised it - left it sit - had the idea to panorise it - left it sit - and finally added the tulips and sphericalised and QTVRed it.

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Köln Lenauplatz Tulips Holsatia Roland of Bederkesa Flight
Neuendorf - On the Roof Die Handewitt Open Air Handewitt Open Air SanPietroInneninterrupted
PicolominiLibraryDuomoSiena CeilingDuomoSienaLong Nordenoutcyl3 SquaredEarth2ndcubeoutcyl